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Minimalist Kitchen Featuring IceStone White Pearl Countertops

IceStone White Pearl is an engineered stone with a rich and creamy white color. Shards of clear glass are spread throughout its surface, giving it an interesting pattern. This Icestone color is known for giving a warm, yet cool vibe to any area.

IceStone is not only beautiful, but durable and will last for years to come. It is a unique option for most interior projects like kitchen countertops and bar tops. It is also ideal for bathroom vanities and table tops.

Icestone White Pearl is a versatile color, with the capability of blending well with most colors.  Just like in the photo above, it looks great when paired with natural wood. This combination provides  a relaxed mood, as opposed to other vibrant colors that tend to look and feel overwhelming. The simplicity of IceStone White Pearl allows it to blend well with other colors without being overshadowed.

This stone is guaranteed eco-friendly, toxic free and fire resistant. It is perfect for those who would like to try a new minimalist design for their kitchen or bathroom.

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