Mountain Empire Stoneworks

A Very Unique Kitchen Design for Book Lovers

Are you a bookworm? If you just love to read and feel that you just don’t have enough time in your busy day to indulge in your passion, then the answer just might be in your kitchen! Yes, in your kitchen.

A  creative way to incorporate a new kitchen remodel and your passion for reading is readily available with unique design that incorporates the functionality of a new, modern kitchen  with time-saving special place to enjoy what you love to do.

This white and wood themed kitchen design is one of the best examples of this new trend- Combining a new, up to date kitchen with what you like to do.  In this case, you can see the many ways to add a mini library to your kitchen. New, unique and exciting! You can add a comfortable club chair and ottoman in the corner, along with a side table and you are set for endless hours of reading. You can also simply add comfortable seating, tapas, wine, and good friends and you are set for your next book club get-together!

Moreover, add a quartz kitchen countertop to give an elegant and beautiful vibe to your mini library and kitchen area.  Not only it extremely durable, but it is virtually maintenance free!

With the  effortless beauty of Mountain Empire Stoneworks Specchio White Hanstone Quartz your new kitchen and reading room will soon be your favorite room.